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- Shoppers' Comments on Gold Rush
Shoppers' Comments on Gold Rush

"way cant tony beets take the pontoons from the second dredge down to the river, bolt them back together and load over half of the dredge parts on it and push or pull it down river." - Richard Schmitt, Monroe Wa

"This show is beyond stupidity. I used to like it but now they are grasping at straws. Why would "anyone" like Parker piss off Beets and tell him he's not going to mine his land, only to mine land next to him without getting prior approval to run wate..." - JFC

"Bad actors the lot of them. Time to start throwing rotten tomatoes at the actors....Start with the Beets family. Same old scripted bs every season. I'm done with this.!" - Tossing my cookies over the railing, Barrie On.

"This show is beyond stupid! Tony is an ass, Rick is stupid and going to bankrupt his friends for being unprepared,and if Parker really didn't file his water access, and assumed Tony wouldn't fight him, than he is delusional. Now Tony wants a hundred..." - Sammi, MB

"I cannot believe that experienced miners such a Parker never considered water. And rick didn't consider a bulldozer and a wash plant. I cannot help wonder how much of this is fixed for television drama purposes." - Anonymous

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