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MC Craig, Knoxville 5/6/2017 7:19:17 PM
Please bring back the Liz Baker clothing line Comfortable, reasonably priced, stylish

Anne, Kentucky 3/7/2017 12:16:52 PM
Really like the cabin creek pants - can't find anything comp to them - please bring them back

SM 2/4/2017 7:53:50 PM
Bring back the plus size St. John's Bay Secretly Slender jeans, please!!!! They are the best jeans I have ever worn and are very flattering on many women. I know people love them. Why would you no longer make them available?????????? You are losing sales, JCPenney!!!!!!

De, Henderson 1/8/2017 6:00:10 PM

De, Henderson 1/8/2017 5:57:52 PM
For many years I always bought LIZ BAKER pant suits. They wash wonderful. The fabric is woven so the lines stay crisp. They last a long time because of the classic styles. I NEED to get a new set of suits for winter and summer. I had almost every color and they were wonderful and comfortable. PLEASE BRING THEM BACK. I need new clothes!

Skoshilaady, Texas 12/29/2016 6:56:43 PM
Please bring back Cabin Creek jeans, please. These are the only jeans that fit me. As you can see others, many others want the same thing. Listen up JCP.

M C, LV Tx 12/10/2016 9:27:04 AM
Bring back the St John Bay Jeans and the Liz Baker Dress pants, both were exceptional items in my wardrobe. When in my Liz Baker's I always felt that I was properly dressed to look professional whether I were public speaking or teaching and when I was in my St J's I looked good as well as comfortable in any casual setting. PLEASE BRING BACK BOTH ....seems a lot of women as well as men loved the jeans and I know as a professional speaker I could dress down to being comfortable in front of a crowd.

Anonymous 10/20/2016 5:58:06 PM
I can't believe all the clothes I used to buy are gone. Cabin Creek brand was great and St. Johns Bay Jeans were top notch. What are you guys doing? Bring back the good clothes. There are a lot of people out there that want these.

anonymus, Virginia 9/24/2016 5:38:29 PM
I have looked for the past 2 years for pants similar to Cabin Creek pants that JCP used to carry. I find hundreds of postings from people that were loyal to that brand, style and fit. Seriously, JCP, if you want to remain in today's business world, you could begin by stopping your freefall and supplying products that people ask for!

A Very Disappointed Ex-Customer 7/20/2016 12:44:24 PM
I am having the same problem everyone else here has had. Every time I get a favorite brand they quit selling it. The St. Johns Bay Jeans used to be my favorite. I absolutely LOVED them. When they quit selling them I was so upset. I read where a lot of people were upset about it. Then I got so excited when they brought them back. But was soon disappointed. When they brought them back they were never the same. They don't fit the same and the material is not the same. They used to fit perfectly and was sooo soft. Well then I started wearing the stylus jeans. The black ones. They were my favorite. Now they have quit selling them. WHY????? There is NEVER an explanation. I have tried for 6 months to get them. They have just now informed me that they have been discontinued. WHY???? Why take something that sells so good and people love and discontinue it??? I don't understand. You would think if they wanted to stay in business they would not take away something people love so well. Now I have no idea where I am going to get another pair of jeans that I like. THANKS JCP FOR TAKING AWAY WHAT WE (YOUR CUSTOMERS) LOVE. I think you are trying to run yourself out of business. I am not a very satisfied customer.

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